Watch: Albright Student Wears Blackface While Twerking and Mocking #BLM

100316-National-Albright-College-Campus (Photo: Albright College via Twitter)

Watch: Albright Student Wears Blackface While Twerking and Mocking #BLM

A new installment of collegiate Snapchat racism.

Published October 3, 2016

Recently, several colleges have made headlines after students used Snapchat to share racist photos and comments. And last week, two students at Albright College were suspended after sharing several videos mocking Black people. 

On Tuesday night, the students posted the Snapchat video that shows a white female in an Albright T-shirt wearing blackface. During the video, she refers to herself as “Carlisha” and disrespects the Black Lives Matter movement.

"Black lives matter now, OK?" the student says to the camera. "F**k white people."

The last half of the video shows the student with a padded butt, twerking in the hallway. Throughout the entire video, both the woman in the video and the person holding the camera laugh uncontrollably.

After a compilation of the Snapchat videos was posted online, administrators from the Pennsylvania school took swift action and suspended the student in the videos and the student who posted the Snapchat story.

"As we continue to investigate the matter, we have learned that multiple students of multiple races were involved," Albright's President Lex O. McMillan wrote in a statement. "We will continue to review the facts of the matter so that the most appropriate sanctions for those who took part can be determined. I have invited the campus community to join me, my cabinet, and the president of the Student Government Association to an open forum today. We hope that by speaking with and listening to each other, we can take the first steps toward learning from this hurtful, offensive act."

Before releasing the official statement, McMillan claimed “the students involved have expressed deep remorse and voluntarily came forward to report their actions."

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Albright College via Twitter)


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