Look: The Way This Cop Helped an Upset 4-Year-Old Is an Example To Us All

Look: The Way This Cop Helped an Upset 4-Year-Old Is an Example To Us All

Precious Cornner-Jones reminds us not all officers are bad guys.

Published October 5, 2016

Sadly, these days, most news involving cops is bad. But an officer from Indiana named Precious Cornner-Jones changed that trend with one amazing act that sends a powerful message of how police can actually protect and serve the communities they represent.

In a Facebook post that has since gone viral, Ms. Cornner-Jones recounts a recent incident involving a four-year-old boy who was very upset at his school.

The boy had flung himself to the floor out of frustration, and neither his mother nor his school administrators were able to calm him down. Ms. Cornner-Jones then lay flat on the floor next to him, wiped his tears and asked him what was wrong.

"This little fella was having a rough morning and fell out on the floor. I saw his mother step back and look. She stated this is how he is expressing himself lately," she wrote. "I decided to get on his level and talk to him. He started to cry so I wiped his tears and told him it will be ok."

The cop continued, "As an adult sometimes all we want is one person to stop, get on our level and maybe wipe our tears. These children are entitled to bad days just as us, so give them that moment to bring it together. Get on someone’s level today and make them smile!! Spread PEACE and LOVE you might be that person that gives them hope!"

It's an amazing image and a vision of police intervention that this young boy won't soon forget. Thanks for reminding us all that not all cops are bad guys, Ms. Cornner-Jones.

Written by Evelyn Diaz


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