Shameful: A Registered Sex Offender Sued His Victim for Calling Him a Rapist on Facebook

Shameful: A Registered Sex Offender Sued His Victim for Calling Him a Rapist on Facebook

Here’s how Yee Xiong responded to the defamation of character lawsuit.

Published October 5, 2016

On the day a registered sex offender was sentenced to a year in jail, he sued his victim for calling him a rapist on Facebook. 

Lang Her, 26, sued Yee Xiong (above), 24, for defamation of character on the day he was sentenced for assaulting Xiong after a party at his house. During the case Xiong and her siblings had been posting about him on Facebook and calling him a rapist. This made Her angry enough to file a lawsuit.

Her and Xiong grew up together in California and were both students at UC Davis.

The assault in question occurred in July of 2012. Xiong told police that on July 9, she went to a party at Her’s off-campus apartment. She claimed that she drank too much and fell asleep in one of the bedrooms. When she awoke, Her had her pinned down and was having sex with her.

After reporting the assault, the case resulted in two trials, both ending in hung juries. In July, Her pleaded no contest to felony assault and was sentenced to one year in jail. He was also required to register as a sex offender and ordered to receive sex-offender counseling for the entirety of his five-year probation.

On the day that Her was sentenced, he had his sister deliver the lawsuit to Xiong. In his complaint, Her claimed that Xiong’s sister made “false and defamatory” statements about him on Facebook.

After receiving the lawsuit, Xiong shared a post written by her sibling, Ger Xiong, that read, “We will not be silenced. We will fight for justice against Lang Her, who is a rapist.”

Her’s lawsuit did not go far in court. On Monday, a Yuba County, Calif., judge dismissed the lawsuit in 15 minutes.

Ger Xiong responded with this Facebook post.

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: AP Photo/Darcy Costello)


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