Look: A Delusional Teacher Sent This Mother a Letter Complaining About the Coconut Oil in Her Daughter's Hair

(Photo: Tionna Norris via Instagram)

Look: A Delusional Teacher Sent This Mother a Letter Complaining About the Coconut Oil in Her Daughter's Hair

Let the dragging begin.

Published October 14, 2016

A mother in Illinois was outraged after receiving a letter from her daughter’s teacher complaining about the smell of her hair.

Tionna Norris’s daughter, 3-year-old Amia, attends Raggedy Anne Learning Center. One day, her teacher, Carol, sent a letter that claimed Amia’s classmates complained of a strong scent of coconut oil in her hair.

“I understand the necessary [sic] of coconut oil on Amia’s hair,” Carol’s note read. “But please do not use as much. The children were complaining that her hair 'stinks.' If you have to apply this daily — please do so lightly, so the kids don’t tease her. Thank you for understanding.”

Once Norris posted the letter to Facebook, it took no time for people to drag Carol and the multiple errors of her ways. 

Over the course of the day, the post had been shared over 5,000 times.  

Thanks to the power of Facebook, Norris posted an update to her page that explained that she spoke to the school and they offered a full apology for the offensive letter.

Her message read:

"After meeting with the director I found out that no child ever bullied Amia (she's actually quite popular) and the word "stink" was used in quotes because she knew it didn't have a foul odor. It was just something the teacher was not used to and thought it was heavy (she has a sensitive nose so she says) they have fully taken responsibility and understands why it's so offensive. They also would like to apologize to anyone the letter may have offended. Amia is happy and reassured me no one ever bullied her. We now have an understanding where if anything is an issue I will be notified in person and not through a letter which is up for assumption. Do I still believe the teacher didn't have ill intentions? Not for a second because the way she tried to talk to me about how she thought my daughter smelled (which she is the only person who felt that way) was absolutely and totally unacceptable but Amia is deftly my child her clap back will always be REAL! Thank you all for the concern and the kind words on my baby girl we truly appreciate it but the situation has been handled and I'm glad it was QUICK AND GENUINE."

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Tionna Norris via Instagram)


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