Look: A Black Barista Stood Up to a Racist Who Refused to Be Served by Her

(Photo: Josie Ajak via Facebook)

Look: A Black Barista Stood Up to a Racist Who Refused to Be Served by Her

Think twice before you mess with Josie Ajak.

Published October 18, 2016

While working as a manager for a coffee shop in Australia, Josie Ajak — who was originally born in South Sudan — encountered an extremely racist customer.

“[The woman said] ‘Get me a white lady,’” Ajak told BuzzFeed News. “‘That’s fine,' [I said] with a smile, and she moved aside, waiting for a white person. I told my staff that she is racist and that we won’t be serving her, while I continued serving other customers with a smile.”

Then Josie went about her job and continued to serve other customers until the woman gave up and left. “She looked at me, face angry, looking with [an] evil stare,” said Ajak.

Afterwards, a coworker posted the story to Facebook and completely denounced the woman and her racist intentions. 

Ajak received so much positive support for the way she handled her actions, the she also posted a special message thanking everyone for having her back. She even started her own hashtag, #buyacoffeefromjosie. 

“I am so humbled,” Ajak told BuzzFeed News. “There have been phone calls to my store from all over Australia, from regular white Australians just calling to say ‘hi,’ show their support, [and] say they’re proud of me.”

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Josie Ajak via Facebook)


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