Watch: This NYC Subway Passenger Shared His Personal Luke Cage Story and Inspired the Entire Train

Marvel's Luke Cage

Watch: This NYC Subway Passenger Shared His Personal Luke Cage Story and Inspired the Entire Train

If only every commute were as uplifting.

Published October 19, 2016

Riding the subway after a long day of work is something that every New Yorker loathes with a passion but must do. Every now and again a dope performer will get on board and make the ride more bearable but for the most part everyone keeps their head down and ignores each other.

Yet, for one group of unsuspecting commuters, the train became a space for sharing any and all things positive.

The video, captured by NY resident Crispin Michael Booker, showed a man walking through the train asking anyone to share a positive story.

Then one man stepped up and explained that because of the Netflix hit Luke Cage, he feels more confident walking around as a Black man in a hoodie. He continued to share that he works for a hedge fund that sends computer equipment to people in Grenada and the whole train cheered. 

After sharing his story, the unnamed name passed the baton to another man who said his name was James. After pausing for a moment, James explained that after having a rough year, he was happy with a new job and a new apartment.

James’s brag also resulted in cheers for the riders as the train pulled into the 59th street station. As passengers exited the subway car, they said goodbye to one another and wished each other well — which is not a common MTA occurrence.

When the video was posted online, it took no time for people to celebrate the positivity displayed in the clip. Although everyone had different comments, one common idea was that the world could be a better place if we stopped shutting out the world around us and connected with each other more often. 

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Myles Aronowitz/Netflix)


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