Look: This Georgia Teen Epically Explained White Privilege to Her Entire Class

(Photo: thyrobin via Twitter)

Look: This Georgia Teen Epically Explained White Privilege to Her Entire Class

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Published October 24, 2016

A senior at Fayette County High School in Georgia received a standing ovation after delivering an honest and informative speech on white privilege.

Robin, who runs the People of Color Union club at her school, was given an assignment to deliver an informational speech to the class. Being that the POC Union works to global injustices people face, Robin thought the topic of white privilege would be perfect.

“[Our teacher] tells us the area where we should create our topics and we all create our own individual ideas,” she told BuzzFeed News. “She told our class we had to do an informational speech so I was like, ‘Hey, why not discuss this with my class.’”

Robin used a few slides to facilitate her speech, but she mainly relied on her own speaking. She explained how she went about delivering the actual speech.

“[White privilege] affects our daily society in our magazines … children are also influenced and I used the doll test as a reference,” she said. “We live in a Eurocentric society.”

After delivering the speech, Robin’s classmates gave her a standing ovation. She also took a photo next to her title slide and posted it to Twitter.

Not long after, the photo became a viral hit and people across the country praised Robin for her brave speech. Even when she sees hateful comments, Robin does not let it deter her. 

"To the people who are writing hate comments, it doesn't hurt me. I knew that posting this photo would get the buzz it did," Robin told BET News. "I respond to them as nicely as I can and give them my way of seeing things, if they do not understand or do not want to understand I cannot force them to. I just know I changed at least one person's mind on these things and that was in my classroom."

Robin surely changed a lot of minds after boldly discussing a real and relevant topic. Whatever the future has in store for Robin, one thing is for certain: she will always be a positive voice for people of color everywhere. 

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: thyrobin via Twitter)


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