Watch: This Insane Video Of A Spider Carrying Then Eating a Mouse Will Ruin You

Watch: This Insane Video Of A Spider Carrying Then Eating a Mouse Will Ruin You

The science behind how the insect liquefies its prey is equally horrifying.

Published October 25, 2016

An Australian man has successfully terrified the entire planet by simply uploading the year’s most disgusting spider video.

As he left for work around 12:30 in the morning, Jason Womal’s neighbor approached him and asked, “You want to see something cool?”

For most of us, something cool might mean a cool view of the moon or something else that is relatively basic. But not Womal’s neighbor. For these Aussies, something cool means seeing something we would not wish on our worst enemies.

The video shows a huntsman, a type of spider, carrying and then consuming a mouse that is much larger in size. It should be noted that the spider does not just eat the mouse in the normal way, but instead makes a mouse cocktail by using a liquefying process.

“Then they’ll inject the venom and slowly, as the venom takes effect, it will do what every single spider species does, and that’s liquefy the inside of the prey and then basically slurp the insides of the animal … physically drink it,” Phil Patterson, a keeper at Taronga Zoo in Sydney, told BuzzFeed News. “They use the venom to basically liquefy the internal organs.”


As soon as Womal posted the video on Facebook, commenters immediately unleashed their disgust. 

On a scale of 1 to HELL NAH, how terrifying do you find this video? Leave us a comment below. 

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Chris Raven / EyeEm/Getty Images)


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