Watch: Is This Student Who Knocked Out a Teen for Hitting a Teacher a Hero?

Watch: Is This Student Who Knocked Out a Teen for Hitting a Teacher a Hero?

People on Twitter say he deserves As for life.

Published October 26, 2016

A viral video posted by Twitter user @B1goingD1 has people everywhere wondering if it is OK to use violence in certain situations.

In the clip, two unidentified students are engaging in a fight when their female teacher tries to break it up. As she attempts to intervene, one of the students hits her in the face, which immediately triggered a stealthy vigilante to come to her defense. 

The unknown student wearing headphones throws one punch and knocks the student out cold. He then throws the other student on the ground and gives him a couple fake outs. The entire time he yells at them that they should never hit a teacher.

Eventually the teacher comes back into frame and tries to settle the situation.

“He just hit you. That’s not cool,” yells the student.

“No, it’s not,” the teacher responds.

And the video ends.

The location of the school and identity of those involved has not yet been revealed. However, the reaction to the video was still monumental. Once the clip was posted online, there was a massive outpour of support for the teen. In no way do we condone violence, but the way he jumped in to protect his female teacher does show a tremendous amount of respect that most younger people seem to lack. 

What do you think of his actions? Heroic or reckless? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. 

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Don Tracy/Getty Images)


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