Look: This Mother’s Tragic 'Late Term Abortion' Story Should Silence Donald Trump for Good

Look: This Mother’s Tragic 'Late Term Abortion' Story Should Silence Donald Trump for Good

Alyson Draper’s powerful words challenge ignorant and hurtful assumptions.

Published October 27, 2016

During the final presidential debate, Donald Trump’s comment about “late-term” abortions shocked and appalled women everywhere.

In typical Trump fashion, the GOP candidate used scary rhetoric to suggest that, in a Hillary Clinton presidency, women would be terminating pregnancies during the ninth month. Needless to say, these comments are not only false, but ignore a very scary reality for many women around the world.

When a pregnancy could potentially harm the mother, sometimes severe actions need to be taken, and these actions are typically overwhelmingly emotional.

One Utah mother was so affected by Trump’s scare tactics that she decided to bravely post her own story of a “late-term” abortion.

Alyson Draper was pregnant with twins when the unimaginable happened.

In Utah, abortions are only legal if the fetus cannot survive outside of the womb. After getting a review from the hospital ethics committee, it was ruled that Draper would be able to follow through with her emergency C-section. 

But, in no way was this a last minute termination of an unwanted pregnancy. For most women who've had to experience a late-term removal of a fetus, the decision was painful and emotional, not flippant as Trump suggests. 

Draper shared her honest story to warn voters against the harmful language Trump has been using in the campaign. She hopes that her account will help everyone to realize that the decisions a woman makes should be between herself and her physician. 

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Jose Luis Pelaez/Getty Images)


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