Update: New Video Confirms Story of Teen Who Lost His Leg After Teacher's 'Body Slam'

Update: New Video Confirms Story of Teen Who Lost His Leg After Teacher's 'Body Slam'

The school district previously stated the boy was "up walking and not in distress."

Published October 29th

Just over a week ago, 13-year-old Montravious Thomas' life changed forever.

As reported, the boy was allegedly body slammed by a behavior specialist while attending a program for troubled students, with the incident resulting his leg having to be amputated.

Following the tragic incident, the school district claimed that the boy was "up walking and not in distress" after he was reportedly thrown to the ground, but a newly surfaced video does not back up those claims.

new video has begun circulating online, showing that Thomas was in fact unable to walk, like he had initially stated, with the footage showing his alleged attacker, Bryant Mosley, picking him up, throwing him over his shoulder and carrying him onto a school bus, just a little bit more than hour after the seventh grader had broken his leg.

The video clearly does not coincide with the school districts claim, confirming the young boy's account of the unfortunate incident, that he could not put weight on his leg, to be true.

A representative for the Muscogee County school district has issued a statement on the never-before-seen video, stating that it depicts an "incomplete picture."

“The video is obviously an incomplete picture of the events of the afternoon and is not inconsistent with the information previously released by District that the student was walking after the administration of the restraint,” spokesperson Valerie Fuller said in response to the video.

Additionally, Fuller adds that the video was not released by the school district because it is "an educational record the District cannot release to the public pursuant to federal law."

The investigations being conducted by the school district and the Columbus Police Department remain ongoing. Take a look at the footage in question here

Written by KC Orcutt

(Photo: The Thomas Family)


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