Look: Wisconsin Man Shows Up at Football Game In Obama Mask and Noose

Look: Wisconsin Man Shows Up at Football Game In Obama Mask and Noose

Police claimed they couldn't do anything to stop this "free speech."

Published October 30, 2016

College football is usually an occassion to celebrate your school, team and rep for your city, but sometimes fans take advantage of the TV broadcast to share ideology that has no place in a public stadium.

An horrendous example of that occured during the Nebraska/Wisconsin game this weekend, when cameras caught a fan in the stands wearing a Barack Obama mask with a noose around the neck. 

To make matters worse, when a woman took to Twitter to ask local police why something like that was allowed within the stadium, their initial reaction was to throw up their hands and say nothing could be done about it thanks to freedom of speech.

A Twitter user snapped a picture of the deplorable image and tagged University of Wisconsin police, asking them why this form of racism was allowed into the stadium.

The police said that while they don't support it, they cannot stifle free speech. Eventually however it appeared the racist fan was made to remove the noose, and then finally, removed from the stadium altogether.

Before leaving the stadium, the man wearing the Obama mask traded it in for a Hillary Clinton mask, agani with a noose around her neck, being held by a man in Donald Trump mask. 

What an embarassment. 

Written by Evelyn Diaz

(Photo: Twitter)


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