Watch: Meet the Twins With a Nas Co-Sign Who Are Blowing Up the Web With Adorableness

(Photo: McClure Twins via youtube)

Watch: Meet the Twins With a Nas Co-Sign Who Are Blowing Up the Web With Adorableness

Ava has the cutest reaction when she finds out Alexis is one minute older.

Published November 1, 2016

Three years ago, when Justin McClure and his wife Aminat brought their twins Ava and Alexis into this world, they had no idea those beautiful girls would create such joy in the people around them.

Justin — who used to be a stand-up comedian — now works as a photographer in New Jersey. Recently, he and Ami have consistently uploaded creative and funny YouTube videos featuring 3-year-old Ava and Alexis.

In a video uploaded last week, Justin and Ami attempted to explain the concept of being a twin to their girls and all sorts of hilarity and cuteness ensued.

A particular moment that stood out was when little Ava discovered that her sister was older by 1 minute. She then had an adorable, but appropriate, emotional breakdown.

“I wanna grow,” she tearfully said as her sister tried to console her.

This part of the clip became so adored online that it even made its way to iconic rapper Nas, who posted it to his Instagram page.  

I wana grow

A video posted by Nasir Jones (@nas) on

Now, the video has become a viral sensation and the McClures are so happy they can bring some light to this world.

“We are very happy,” Justin told BET News. “We think the girls bring joy to others, and our family is all about each other. We spend a lot of time together so we are happy that they can bring positivity to the world.”

When asked if the girls are able to understand the impact their video has, Justin gave the honest truth.

“They don’t care,” he laughed. When they find out about how many people watch their videos, they immediately think of something else they want to do, like ride a bicycle, Justin admitted.

However, they do appreciate how much joy these videos bring to their parents.

“They are excited that mom and dad are happy,” Justin explained.

As the success of the video grows, Justin and Ami are proud to have been able to contribute something so joyous to the public.

“This has been overwhelming in the best way...we are so honored and grateful for the joy our girls are giving the world,” Justin said to BET News. “Honestly the video is just an accurate joy they receive from the love we show.”

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: McClure Twins via Youtube)


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