Watch: Violence Erupts as Angry Dillard Students Protest Presence of KKK’s David Duke

Watch: Violence Erupts as Angry Dillard Students Protest Presence of KKK’s David Duke

Several students and officers were hit with pepper spray.

Published November 3, 2016

Students at historically Black college Dillard University protested David Duke’s appearance on campus. The former KKK leader visited the college to participate in a Louisiana Senate debate. 

The white supremacist polled at 5 percent, which allowed him to take part in the debate. When the university originally agreed to host the debate, they were unaware of who would be invited to participate.

When students at the university were informed that Duke was cleared to debate on Wednesday night, they planned to protest — especially since they would not be allowed to enter the auditorium where the debate would be held.

According to The Advocate, Dillard President Walter Kimbrough discouraged students from protesting and said not to add fuel to the fire. 

Outside of the building during the debate, angry students attempted to force themselves in the auditorium.

"No Duke. No KKK. No Fascist USA," yelled the crowd.

During the protest, six people were arrested by campus police. They were released on Thursday morning. Several students and alumni were pepper-sprayed as they tried to enter the building where Duke would debate.

There were some students who tried to calm the protesters and encourage them to seek other means to oppose Duke.

A group representing Dillard’s Student Government Association urged protesters to watch the debate in another campus building.

“The man is not running for this position to win. He’s running to gain publicity,” SGA President Tevon Blair said.

J. Christopher, another Dillard student, told classmates that time was better spent in voting booths.

"There’s a difference between being proactive and being reactive," he said.

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)


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