Look: What Drove This Chicago Dad to Violently Kill His 3-Year-Old Son on Halloween?

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Look: What Drove This Chicago Dad to Violently Kill His 3-Year-Old Son on Halloween?

Devon Thomas also knocked out his pregnant fiancée.

Published November 4, 2016

(Photo: Chicago Police Department)

A 22-year-old father in Chicago was arrested after fatally beating his son and abusing his pregnant fiancée on Halloween, reported the Chicago Tribune.

On Monday, Devon Thomas (pictured above) punched 3-year-old Tayveon J. Thomas in the stomach and chest and threw Tayveon’s mother — who was eight months pregnant — into a wall so hard that she prematurely went into labor, said Assistant State’s Attorney Holly Grosshans

Tayveon’s mother's identity has not been revealed.

On Sunday night, Thomas punched Tayveon in the stomach several times, which resulted in the child vomiting, reported the Chicago Sun Times. When Tayveon’s mother tried to stop Devon, he choked her until she went unconscious, said Grosshans. Later on, the mother gave the child medicine for his upset stomach.

According to prosecutors, the next day, Devon continued to punch and stomp on Tayveon. When the mother tried to intervene once again, Devon slapped her so hard she hit a wall and fell to the floor. He then dragged her by her hair to another room, where they engaged in an argument.

By the time Tayveon’s mother went back to check on him, he was lying face down and was unresponsive, prosecutors said.

Devon then called 911 while Tayveon’s mother began doing cardiopulmonary resuscitation and chest compressions.

As paramedics made their way to the couple’s residence, Thomas took over doing chest compressions. Tayveon was later transported to Roseland, where he was pronounced dead.

Shortly after Tayveon’s death, his mother went into labor and delivered her baby prematurely, prosecutors said.

Thomas was then arrested and admitted to detectives that he punched Tayveon in the chest four times and kicked him once in the stomach.

The Cook County medical examiner’s office determined Tayveon died from multiple injuries due to child abuse. His death was ruled a homicide.

Written by Rachel Herron


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