Watch: A Collection of the Dopest #MannequinChallenge Poses Out There

Male mannequin smelling a textile flower in a clothing store

Watch: A Collection of the Dopest #MannequinChallenge Poses Out There

Mind. Blown.

Published November 4, 2016

There was the Harlem Shake, the running man, planking, and the water-bottle challenge. All of them came and went, and never really provided any real source of entertainment. 

Then came the #mannequinchallenge, and finally we were given a viral challenge worthy of praise. 

  1. The #mannequinchallenge involves groups of people coming together to form frozen images, almost like staged mannequins
  2. the more people try to master the challenge, the more complex the poses become

    When @michigan__football is doing the #mannequinchallenge too 😂😂😂😱😱😱

    A video posted by MannequinChallenge (@mannequin.challenge) on

  3. Like these girls, who staged a full on fight

    A video posted by $ (@greghilfigerrr) on

  4. Or this baseball dugout

    A video posted by WorldstarHipHop (@worldstar) on

  5. these kids staged an entire schoolyard scene

    A video posted by Jason (@jasonderulo) on

  6. how about the student section of a football game
  7. these students set up multiple scenes
  8. and this one makes you wait for it

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: kievith/Getty Images)


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