Look: Disgusting Photo of Cop Posing With Deceased Man Sparks Outrage

Look: Disgusting Photo of Cop Posing With Deceased Man Sparks Outrage

A family and community are looking for answers.

Published November 5, 2016

A St. Louis mother currently is going through a nightmare in addition to coping with the recent loss of her son.

As reportedKim Staton's 28-year-old son, Omar Rahman, passed away back on August 6, 2016. While the Medical Examiner has since ruled it as an accidental drug overdose, Staton is having a hard time accepting that as the full truth. A newly leaked photo has since confirmed her suspicions that there may be much more to the story.

A photo recently has surfaced, one that Stanton's attorney calls "hideous," depicting the scene of her son's death that features an officer posing inappropriately. In the image, a responding officer from the North County Cooperative is pictured holding onto the arm of the deceased man and giving a thumbs up to the camera. He also has a huge smile on his face.

The reporter who obtained the image stated that they chose to blur the body in the photo, as well as the face of the officer, because no wrongdoing has been determined.

“It’s hideous," Staton's attorney, Antonio Romanucci, shared with reporters. "The implications of this photograph are just astronomical. I have seen thousands and thousands of forensic photographs [but] I have never seen a staged photograph of an officer next to a deceased body."

Staton, along with her legal aide, are demanding that the situation be investigated by an outside department. 

Additionally, it was reported that police shared with Staton that the official crime scene camera had been missing and that the pictures were missing, adding to the conspiracy that something else is going on here. A representative also referred to the leaked image as "stolen property."

North County Co-Op Chief Tim Swope said, off-camera, that they were conducting an internal and external investigation looking into the "totality" of the situation. Additionally, it was reported that the chief has allegedly declined offers to be shown the photo for himself. 

"If the police department doesn’t even know how it’s been released, then certainly, that’s a problem," former St. Louis Chief Dan Isom said, examining the photo and adding that it is unclear exactly what the officer is doing, or why.

"The fact that the photo is out is just problematic, so even if you can’t determine the intentions of the officer, which by the photo, look questionable, you certainly are distressed and concerned that it’s out in the public,” Isom said.

Staton is currently looking into suing the Co-Op in order to get more information, both for the sake of her son and for the community at large. 

“That’s what I am looking for, I’m looking for some answers,” Staton added.

Written by KC Orcutt

(Photo: KMOV- St.Louis via news screenshot)


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