Look: Live Updates on the 2016 Congressional Races

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Look: Live Updates on the 2016 Congressional Races

The results are rolling in.

Published November 8, 2016

The presidential election may get the most media coverage, but control of the House and Senate are equally important, determining how easy or difficult it would be for the President to pass legislation. Both parties are vying for control of Congress, and here's how the results are stacking up in those races:

UPDATE, 11:20 pm:

As Trump gains ground in the presidential election, so too does the Republican party gain power in both the Senate and the House. In the Senate, Republicans now lead 47 to 46, and their majority in the House is all but assured, with the party having 189 of the 218 seats necessary to hold a majoirty.

UPDATE, 9:50 pm:

It has now been determined that there is no path for Democrats to retake the majority of the House. While many votes are still up for grabs the Republican party will maintain control for at least another two years. 

UPDATE, 9:35 pm:

It appears that Republicans will keep control of the House of Representatives. In the senate races, John Boozman (R) has won Arkansas, bringing the two parties to a tie with 42 wins a piece.

Update 9:27pm:


189 (R), 133 (D)

Totals: (R) 47, (D) 46 

Alabama – Richard Shelby (R)

Arkansas – John Boozman (R)

Connecticut – Richard Blumenthal (R)

Florida – Marco Rubio (R)

Georgia – Johnny Isakson (R)

Indiana – Todd Young (R)

Iowa – Chuck Grassley (R)

Kansas – Jerry Moran (R)

Kentucky – Rand Paul (R)

Maryland – Chris Van Hollen (D)

New York – Charles Schumer (D)

North Carolina – Richard Burr (R)

North Dakota – John Hoeven (R)

Ohio – Rob Portman (R)

Oklahoma – James Lankford (R)

South Carolina – John Thune (R)

Utah – Mike Lee (R)

Vermont – Patrick Leahy (D)

We will update this list as the night progresses.

Written by Evelyn Diaz


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