Watch: Resilient Obama Speaks on Trump's Win and What This Means for His Legacy

Watch: Resilient Obama Speaks on Trump's Win and What This Means for His Legacy

We’re speechless.

Published November 9, 2016

Now that Donald Trump will be the 45th president of the United States, Barack Obama has an obligation to peacefully transition his power over to him.

However, many wonder what Obama has to say about this shocking turn of events. Before 1 p.m. on Wednesday, Obama spoke in the rose garden of the White House.

As President Obama approached the podium, he appeared strong, grounded, and even had a lively step.

He began by telling the garden what he told his staff last night: no matter the outcome, the sun would come up in the morning.

As the sun shined down on the POTUS, he spoke with grace. Obama revealed that he invited Trump to visit the White House on Thursday so the two can speak about how the transition will occur.

President Obama said that he could not be prouder of Secretary Clinton for all of her work in the country over the last several decades and we reiterated a message many of us have forgotten:

We are all on one team.

However, at some points, President Obama did seem a bit emotionally removed — possibly because of the probable repealing of several of his legacy accomplishments.

“It’s not always inspiring," the president said of the reality of elections. 

“[But] don’t get cynical, don’t ever think you can’t make a difference," Obama pleaded with the younger voters.

At one point, he even added some levity to the situation and made a joke.

“I’ve lost elections before, Joe hasn’t,” as he gestured back and smiled at Vice President Joe Biden.

The most important moment of the president's speech came when he addressed what this defeat means for the future. 

He powerfully explained that we need to reflect on what we did wrong and find out how to move forward. This may seem impossible to many young voters who feel betrayed, but is important to note that this should be a time for us to regroup.

He wanted to reassure Americans that he will work with Trump, to make this a smooth transition for the country, although in the past the president has mocked Trump’s candidacy.

And finally, he, in part, addressed what this may mean for his legacy.

"I told my team to keep their heads up," referring to his own accomplishments made in the White House. As most of us know, Trump promised to repeal Obamacare on day one. Only time will tell what actually comes of the Obama legacy.

He then left without taking any questions — leaving the garden wanting more signs of hope. 

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)


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