Watch: Ohio HS Students Suspended After Exposing Classmate’s Racist Snapchat

Watch: Ohio HS Students Suspended After Exposing Classmate’s Racist Snapchat

Here's why the school district is standing by the disciplinary action.

Published November 14, 2016

Two high school students in Shaker Heights, Ohio, have been suspended after posting a classmate’s racist Snapchat posts online.

"It was the day after the election, my friend who is no longer my friend put on a Snap story about Black people," said Shaker Heights junior Elena Weingard.

Weingard was so deeply offended by the post that she took a screenshot and posted it to her own Snapchat account. Eventually, many people began to react to the post.

"You can comment on a story and I got a lot of comments. And then my friend asked if she could put it on Twitter and I said sure," Weingard told Fox 8 Cleveland.

Weingard’s friend, Myahh Husamadeen, shared the racist post on Twitter, where it went viral. Soon after, Husamadeen and Weingard were called into the principal’s office at school.

"I explained what happened to the vice principal,” Weingard stated. She was then told by administrators that she was being suspended.

“Basically, I’m at fault because I put a private message on a public forum,” Weingard said the school administration explained.

“I understand I did put a private message on a public forum. And they said I opened her up to harassment. But I never intended for her to be harassed. I just wanted people to know that saying that stuff is not OK,” Weingard said.

The identity of the student who posted the racist Snapchat has still not yet been revealed.

To make matters worse, Weingard revealed that the person who originally posted the racist comments received zero disciplinary action.

“I think people were hurt to see that this kind of racism still exists. Especially in such a place in Shaker Heights, where everyone seems to be liberal and seems to be accepting, and I think people were hurt,” Weingard said.

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: ImagesBazaar/Getty Images)


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