Look: These Fake News Headlines Will Make You Lose Faith in Humanity or Hate Yourself for Laughing

Look: These Fake News Headlines Will Make You Lose Faith in Humanity or Hate Yourself for Laughing

No wonder Google finally banned phony news advertising.

Published November 15th

One major takeaway from the 2016 presidential election was that fake news sites are more powerful than one could have imagined. Surely, there were people out there who believed headlines that were 100 percent phony. 

Many corporations like Google and Facebook have realized how detrimental these sites are and have already started to take action. 

Google recently announced that they will no longer offer their advertising services to sites that promote fake news. 

And now that we will hopefully be seeing less fake news, let's celebrate by taking a look back at the most outrageous bogus headlines that became mainstream sensations. 

  1. 1yr Old Baby Survives 2 Weeks Eating Roaches After Mom Dies in Shower
    (Photo: Michael Williamson/The Washington Post/Getty Images)

    The fake article by thefrt.com alleged that a young girl saved herself from starving to death by eating roaches for two weeks. 


  2. Kim Jong-Un Named Sexiest Man Alive
    (Photo: KCNA/AFP/Getty Images)

    The article published by satirical news site The Onion was picked up by a Chinese news publication and printed as fact. 

  3. Selfie Shoes Are The New Selfie Stick

    Another mistake commonly made is not looking at the date on which a story was published. This story about selfie shoes was published on April 1 — aka April Fools Day — although USA Today covered the story as true anyway. 

    (Photos from Left: Slimming World, Weight Watchers)

    An article from the Southend News Network claimed that women belonging to two notable weight loss programs engaged in fight when a space was double booked.

    Incidentally, SNN recently released an official statement taking responsibility for Trump's election win. 

  5. Daycare Busted For Running Toddler Fight Club
    (Photo: Mayte Torres/Getty Images)

    Although violence is never the answer, there is something about a toddler fight club that sounds very intriguing. 

    But this story is best suited for a David Fincher sequel because it is as fake as Donald Trump's spray tan. 

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: izusek/Getty Images)


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