Watch: Teacher Snatches Mic From Little Autistic Boy During Thanksgiving Performance

(Photo: Kent Squires via Facebook)

Watch: Teacher Snatches Mic From Little Autistic Boy During Thanksgiving Performance

Was it a misunderstanding or completely out of line?

Published November 17, 2016

An autistic six-year-old boy in West Virginia was left in tears in front of an audience when a teacher grabbed the microphone from him during a Thanksgiving play on Tuesday.

Caleb Squires was playing a turkey in the production at Nutter Fort Primary School in Harrison County, West Virginia. At the end of the performance, he was supposed to close the night with his line, 'Gobble gobble.'

But he instead was brought to tears and screamed 'Oh no' when the teacher took away the microphone.


  1. Caleb's father, Kent Squires, shared the video on Facebook, along with his emotional response.

    Under the video, Kent wrote:

    "This is my little boy in his thanksgiving play he is the last kid and has level one high functioning autism he has the biggest heart and always happy now watch it and see what a teacher of kids does to him he has came home from school and said he gets to say gobble gobble cause he was playing the Turkey 🦃 I am reaching out to see if something can be done."

  2. Caleb's Mom, Amanda Riddle, also posted the video online. They both received extremely kind words of support.
  3. Some even suggested how they should move forward.
  4. Harrison County Schools Superintendent Dr. Mark Manchin released a statement soon after the video garnered much attention.

    "It's a mistake that was made. There was no malice," Manchin told Fox 5 News. "This teacher, as all of our teachers, truly care about these young boys and girls. The program was over, at least as I understand, and the teacher had taken the microphone."

    Manchin added that the unnamed teacher "feels very bad" about the incident.

  5. Amanda and Kent are happy to have received so much support for Caleb. They even shared a video of him delivering his 'gobble gobble' line.

    Do you think it was a misunderstanding or blatant disrespect? Let us know in the comment section below. 

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Kent Squires via Facebook)


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