White Alabama Officer Facing Murder Charges After Heartless Shooting of Greg Gunn

White Alabama Officer Facing Murder Charges After Heartless Shooting of Greg Gunn

The 58-year-old was beaten with a baton before being shot five times.

Published November 19, 2016

Back in February of this year, Greg Gunn lost his life while he was just yards away from his own front door, outside of a home he shared with his elderly mother.

As reported, Aaron Smith, a white 23-year-old Alabama police officer who stopped Gunn while he was walking home at approximately 3:20AM, will be facing murder charges in the fatal shooting of the 58-year-old.

Gunn was walking home from his neighbors home when Smith intervened. The unarmed Black man was then hit with a stun gun three times, beaten with a baton and then shot five times by Smith. Additionally, a state investigator had testified during a preliminary hearing that Smith fired his weapon seven times.

As reported by AL.com, Smith's attorney, Mickey McDermott, is maintaining his client's innocence saying, "We intend to vigorously defend his rights. We believe that he acted within the line and scope of his duty, his training and within the law."

A State Bureau of Investigation agent, magistrate, District County Judge and a Grand Jury have all determined probable cause that Smith should be charged with murder.

In a statement issued by Montgomery County District Attorney Daryl Bailey, the D.A. pressed that "a jury will determine his guilt or innocence."

"I want to be clear, that the indictment issued today is not an indictment against the Montgomery Police Department or any other law enforcement agency," Bailey added in his statement. "The Montgomery Police Department and the City of Montgomery cooperated fully with the State Bureau of Investigation and the District Attorney's Office during the course of this investigation. The Montgomery Police Department is made up of men and women that everyday protect our community in a lawful and professional manner. They are truly the thin blue line between a peaceful community and anarchy."

McDermott shared in a recent interview that Smith was on patrol in a high-crime area, stating that he was in pursuit of a fleeing suspect at the time of the incident between him and Gunn.

In a lawsuit filed by Gunn's family, they claim that Gunn was unarmed at the time and that the police officer had no valid reason to stop and talk to him.

"Mr. Gunn was well-known in his community and his neighborhood," the lawsuit reads. "He not only provided financial support to his mother, he also had a reputation for helping others in the community by cutting grass and doing other tasks. Mr. Gunn's father had been one of the first African-Americans hired as a police officer by the City of Montgomery, a position in which he served for years."

More on this story as it develops.

Written by KC Orcutt

(Photo: Montgomery County Sheriffï's Office)


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