Watch: This Black 19-Year-Old’s Post-Election Video Got Her Suspended From Twitter

(Photo: Jane Oranika via Instagram)

Watch: This Black 19-Year-Old’s Post-Election Video Got Her Suspended From Twitter

Many are rallying behind her while others say the video was reverse racism.

Published November 21, 2016

  1. This is 19-year-old musician and artist Jane Oranika of Montgomery, Alabama

    A photo posted by Chika (@oranicuhh) on

  2. After the election, Oranika made a satirical video in the style of 'Joanne the Scammer'
  3. Although the video was done in jest, many white people on Twitter reported the content
  4. After several hours, Oranika realized her Twitter account had been removed
  5. Upon realizing that Oranika's account was removed, her new Twitter fans immediately came to her defense
  6. Eventually, Twitter reinstated her account, with all the content still there

    “My account was the exact same when I returned," Oranika told Buzzfeed News. "I have yet to find anything that was taken down.”

  7. Now that her page is back to normal, Oranika holds no grudges against those who were offended. She believes the overall response was positive and she even made a follow-up video

    "The response has been one of solidarity," Oranika told BET News. "So many people of all races and orientations got the joke and the message behind it, and in that sense it created this weird unity. A lot of people were discouraged by the election and this joke either took their minds off of it or it forced a dialogue about the issues in our country."

    this is what i imagine it would be like if i had a convo with every person offended by my video 😂

    A video posted by Chika (@oranicuhh) on

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Jane Oranika via Instagram)


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