Watch: Black Child Who Was Called 'Ni**er' and Attacked Banned From School District, Says Mom

Watch: Black Child Who Was Called 'Ni**er' and Attacked Banned From School District, Says Mom

Sue N'Goran is not backing down from administrators who say she made entire story up.

Published November 21, 2016

A mother in Tucson, Arizona, claimed that she and her son were banned from their school district after reporting multiple cases of bullying.

Sue N'Goran is the mother of an 8-year-old African-American boy who was sent to the hospital after bullies allegedly hit him in the head at school, reported ABC 13 News.

  1. N'Goran told ABC 13 that other students called her son a 'dirty n****r'
  2. Although school administrators promised to handle the issue, she later received a call that she and her child were banned from campus

    "I'm serving you over the phone you are not to step foot on TUSD property, the school or the district ever again in your life or your son. If you do you will be arrested," said school security. They said she would face a charge of interference with an educational institution.

  3. When asked for comment, TUSD issued this statement:

    "We cannot comment on any particular incident due to privacy laws. In general I can say that campus safety is our highest priority. Any person who threatens students or staff or presents a concern with the rights of others is not allowed on campus via board policy," spokesperson Stefanie Boe told KGUN 9.

    However, N'Goran says she will continue to speak at school board meetings until her concerns are addressed.

  4. N'Goran's full interview can be seen below

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: K GUN 9 ABC News)


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