WATCH: Disgusting Minnesota Bus Driver Calls Kids N*****s and Forces Them To Walk

WATCH: Disgusting Minnesota Bus Driver Calls Kids N*****s and Forces Them To Walk

The kids were also called a******s by the driver.

Published November 27, 2016

A Minnesota bus driver recently decided to take out the day’s anger on some unsuspecting children.

WDAY is reporting the driver, whose name hasn’t yet been release, was apparently being taunted by a pair of students. That’s when he decided to teach them, and the rest of the bus, a questionable lesson by making the kids get out and walk home.

The children were dropped near an industrial park in Moorhead last Tuesday (November 22). That’s not all. He also reportedly called some of the students the N-word. Deshanna Dotson is one of the children targeted by the bus driver’s profanity.

“It was kind of in a scary area,” she told the local news station. “It's not a safe area,” Dotson's mother, Stacey Olson, agreed, noting the location’s layout. “There's no sidewalks to walk on.”

James VanRaden, who has a daughter who was on the bus, corroborated Dotson’s account and says his daughter claims students on the bus were called “a******s.” 15 minutes after the incident, a new bus picked up the reported 20 students left astray and took them home safely.

Moorhead Public Schools Superintendent Lynn Kovash says the driver, who works for bus company Red River Trails, has been let go by the district. The students taunting the driver will be investigated. No action though warrants the bus driver’s behavior in this situation.

Check out what happened below.

Written by Paul Meara

(Photo: WDAY)


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