WATCH: This Black Feminist Is Being Dragged To Hell For Comparing Eating Meat To White Supremacy

WATCH: This Black Feminist Is Being Dragged To Hell For Comparing Eating Meat To White Supremacy

Does she have a point?

Published November 27, 2016

There have been a lot of takes on the Dakota Access Pipeline and its attempts to displace Native Americans who long-hold that land.

Author Aph Ko recently gave her take on what’s going down up north, and it got her in hot water. Speaking with The Voice Newspaper, Ko, who’s a vegan, attempts to make the argument that black people eating meat makes them complacent with white supremacy.

Wayment… What? Basically what she’s saying is that blacks fighting oppression while ignoring animal rights are hypocrites and side with the ideals of white supremacy.

“The reality is, ‘animal’ is wrapped around race," she explains. "This is why the most ideal human being is a white man, and the most undesirable, primitive being is an ‘animal.’ They are opposites because they both are racial spaces that bolster white supremacy. Black folks need to start understanding how our negative attitudes about animals strengthens white supremacy.”

Ummmm. Maybe???

“Unfortunately, a lot of black folks adopt a white-centric world view in almost all of our social justice movements," Ko continues. "So, we tend to be exposed to veganism or animal oppression through documentaries made by white folks – that don’t include any analysis about race – or theory written by white folks, or even campaigns created by white people. This directly impacts how we understand what animal oppression is and this can be troubling because black people have a very different social experience than white folks.”

The “white-centric” world argument is one she uses to set up her argument. It also may be the most problematic. There’s no doubt white suppression has affected minorities in America and abroad, but to link that to a reason for veganism is a stretch to say the least.

Twitter also gave their take. Unsurprisingly, most didn’t agree with Aph Ko. Check out what they had to say below as well as a video response to criticism by Ko.

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Written by Paul Meara

(Photo: Pax Ahimsa Gethen)


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