Watch: White Teen Removed From School for ‘N****r Hunting License’ Snapchat Post

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Watch: White Teen Removed From School for ‘N****r Hunting License’ Snapchat Post

Here's what Superintendent Bjalobok said about the disgusting card.

Published December 5, 2016

A Pennsylvania student was removed from Highlands High School after posting a fake license for hunting Black people to Snapchat.

School officials were made aware of the photo when a student brought it to the attention of the principal. The photo showed a picture of a card with the title “N****r Hunting License.” The fake license said that the owner of the card was permitted to hunt and kill Black people during the “hunting season” — which takes place between Jan 1 and Dec 31.

After performing an investigation, the school said that at least one student shared the racist image with friends. Principal Dan Gottron said the unidentified student was removed from the school but did not elaborate if the student was expelled or suspended.

“We found the initial student who posted it and dealt with that student appropriately,” Gottron told “The school in no way condones this kind of behavior.”

Members of the community were outraged that such an offensive image could circulate in their area. Highlands District Superintendent Dr. Michael Bjalobok reached out to parents and informed them of how they will be taking swift action.

“It’s just a horrible type of situation. Totally unacceptable to the Highlands School District. We will not tolerate this and we’re going to definitely follow our board policy in issuing consequences for this action,” Dr. Bjalobok told CBS Local Pittsburgh.

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: JamesYetMingAu-Photography/Getty Images)


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