Watch: Two White Teens Sue High School After Being Expelled for Sending Disgusting Racist Text Messages

(Photo: CBS 2 News)

Watch: Two White Teens Sue High School After Being Expelled for Sending Disgusting Racist Text Messages

"I f**king hate n*****s," read one of the messages.

Published December 6, 2016

Two white Chicago teens have filed a lawsuit against their high school after they were expelled for sending racist text messages. 

The girls, who wish to keep their identities private, claim they were “used as scapegoats” by Marist High School administrators. Last month, a Black man was gunned down by an off-duty police officer in their Mount Greenwood neighborhood. When Black Lives Matter announced they planned to protest the shooting, rumors began about plans for violent attacks.

Thirty-two girls, including the ones who were expelled, became part of a group text thread after meeting at a religious retreat. When talk of the protests came up, one girl sent a snapshot of a tweet that alleged BLM protesters were planning to bring gang members to attack white residents, according to the lawsuit.

As the conversation progressed, one of the girls said “I f**king hate n*****s,” and another made a statement of agreement. According the suit, the girls claim that those texts were altered by another participant in the thread.

In total, five students from the conversation were suspended or expelled. However, only two of the girls are listed as plaintiffs in the suit. The fathers of the girls are demanding they be reinstated at the school or reimbursed $65,000 each for tuition and school costs. They also are looking to receive over $1 million for privacy invasion, reported ABC 7 Chicago.

The suit alleged the girls were "labeled as racists and used as scapegoats by Marist to respond to an array of social media criticisms and media pressure" and that the school violated their privacy when their full names were posted to social media when photos of the texts became publicized.

Additionally, the girls claim administrators singled them out even though other participants in the thread used “similar language.”

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: CBS 2 News)


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