Watch: Did This Man's Viral Marriage Proposal Involving Police Weapons Drawn Go Too Far?

The roof of a police patrol car at night, with the blue and red lights flashing.

Watch: Did This Man's Viral Marriage Proposal Involving Police Weapons Drawn Go Too Far?

Some folks are slamming him for crossing the line.

Published December 11, 2016

When it comes to proposing to one's partner, creativity is typically rewarded. However, one Alabama man may have taken things too far simply just to pop the big question.

33-year-old Daiwon Mcpherson recently proposed to his girlfriend of five years, 28-year-old Shawna Blackmon, pulling quite the controversial stunt when he chose to involve local police in the process.

For the elaborate proposal, Mcpherson staged being pulled over by police, while on his way to a date with Blackmon. She later made her way to the scene of the crime after receiving a phone call about the incident, realizing her worst fears that something much more serious may happen during the chaos. However, after police approached Mcpherson with Tasers, he flipped the script, surprising Blackmon by getting down on one knee with an engagement ring in hand.

Naturally the whole ordeal was filmed and the video clip of the unusual proposal has since gone viral, with many outraged that Mcpherson would simulate such a situation, one that is all too real for both victims of police brutality and for those fearful that getting routinely pulled over will result in a tragic outcome.

As shared in an interview with The Shade Room, Mcpherson wanted to go big with his proposal in hopes to try to prove to his girlfriend that he is a changed man.

"[I had] to try and gain my woman’s trust back and show her that I have really changed," he says. "This was my last chance so I made every sacrifice I could to show her."

It also was revealed that this was his second attempt at winning his lady's hand in marriage, with the two experiencing a slew of relationship problems that resulted in their first engagement being called off.

Of the proposal, Blackmon admitted that she was terrified by the whole ordeal but knew that she had to do what she had to do to protect her man, no matter what.

"I was going through so many emotions from being mad at him to being scared something happened to him pulling up," she explains. "All I knew is that I needed to protect him no matter what .. I’ve always been that way about him .. always tryna protect him and fix everything."

Mcpherson also commented that the proposal, as well as sacrificing financially to buy her a ring she deserves, was "absolutely worth it."

Additionally, Blackmon added, "I felt like that was the perfect set-up for him to do something like that and to bring everybody together."

Take a look at the video footage of Daiwon Mcpherson proposing to his girlfriend Shawna Blackmon with the help of local police in the clip below.

TSR STAFF: Debra Oh! @The_Ebony_Issue _____________________________________ Earlier we posted a powerful video, of a young man in Mobile, AL proposing to his girlfriend in the most unexpected way possible. He faked being arrested... he brought the police in guns drawn and everything... just to have his girl step in between them before revealing the ring. Well TSR caught up with the couple behind the proposal to discuss the story behind it. _____________________________________ 33-year-old Daiwon Mcpherson says he was compelled to propose to his girlfriend of 5 years, 28-year-old Shawna Blackmon, to show her how much he changed after years of hurting her. _____________________________________ " [I had] to try and gain my woman's trust back and show her that I have really changed," he said. "This was my last chance so I made every sacrifice I could to show her." _____________________________________ When asked about what things tainted their relationship, he replied, _____________________________________ "First thing first I didn't show my appreciation like I should have been. I had a huge ego just coming out of a bad relationship back in 2011 when I met her. But I did know that she was one of a kind and that we clicked instantly. We have been on a very rocky relationship and it's been mainly because of my actions. Failure to be faithful I didn't want to talk about problems when they surfaced I always thought I was right and her opinion on the things didn't matter." _____________________________________ This was actually their second go round at an engagement. The first one was called off earlier this year because of problems in the relationship. As far as the big day, Shawna says Daiwon had been getting on her nerves all day on purpose unbeknownst to her. The icing on the cake was when he stood her up for their date that evening. _____________________________________ "Well he set me up to go on a date that he never showed up to.. he rides motorcycles so someone called me and told me he was running from the police on his bike and I needed to come downtown so when he pulls back up he can jump in the--- read more at

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Written by KC Orcutt

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