Watch: Murder Mystery? Mother Found Dead Inside Charred Out Car In Detroit

Watch: Murder Mystery? Mother Found Dead Inside Charred Out Car In Detroit

She was shot in the abdomen once during the horrific crime.

Published December 11, 2016

A 31-year-old mother was found dead inside of her torched car behind a Detroit-area schoolyard playground on Friday (December 9).

Diana Pesserl, who has a 7-year-old son, was found in West Bloomfield Township behind Pine Lake Elementary School after police responded to a report of fire in the area.

According to WXYZ, dental records were used during an autopsy to make a positive identification of the woman. It’s been determined that she died from a bullet wound to the abdomen.

Police followed tire tracks from the crime scene to a house less than a mile away from where the victim lived. There, cops removed six cans of gas from the home as the two teens who occupied it were questioned.

One of the two teens who lived in the home was released while another one, who was visiting, was held on an unrelated warrant for carjacking. Police consider the pair persons of interest in the crime. It is unclear at this time why anyone would target Pesserl.

Before she passed away Diana Pesserl posted on Facebook a message about how proud she was of her son. “Yup, thats my boy!! I made him! Incredible," she wrote. "And he's smart, witty, sly, and sweet as pie to boot. Lucky momma rt here and I know it.”

Our condolences go out to all who’ve been affected by this tragedy. Watch WXYZ’s package on what went down below.

Written by Paul Meara

(Photo: WDIV Detroit)


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