Watch: Post Election Hate? Swastikas And Racist Graffiti Found All Over Boston High School

Watch: Post Election Hate? Swastikas And Racist Graffiti Found All Over Boston High School

School officials believe more than one person is responsible.

Published December 11, 2016

We’ve already seen many acts of hate since Donald Trump was elected president. It seems like his affirmation is giving racists reason to believe their hatred is how most people think.

Why else would multiple suspected people go around a Boston-area high school and line it with hateful graffiti? Cambridge’s WCVB5 is reporting that hateful words and swastikas were drawn all over the bathrooms at Cambridge Rindge and Latin School over the course of two days.

The disgusting graffiti was found in three separate boys bathrooms between Tuesday afternoon (December 6) and Wednesday morning. School officials would not reveal details about what exactly was written since everything is still under investigation.

"I am sorry that students and staff may have seen the symbol and language in our school. It does not represent who we are," Principal Smith wrote in a letter delivered to parents on Wednesday. "The symbol and language are provocative and upsetting. Its history as a signal for racist, anti-Semitic, and hateful speech and actions is well known. It is intended to make people feel unsafe and unwelcome. I am deeply saddened that this symbol and language has been displayed in our community."

The school has set up a “safe space” for students and faculty to discuss last week’s events. The local police and school district are reportedly working together to find out who was responsible for the graffiti. No threats were supposedly made, just racist language and symbolism.

The school district’s superintendent, Ken Salim, wouldn’t confirm that the racist graffiti was in-part a result of Donald Trump’s election, but did affirm that his community is one of inclusion.

"I think in terms of the larger context, both in our own community and many across the country, it is important to reaffirm what our values are and to communicate to families, students and teachers that we will continue to support and view diversity as an asset in our schools," he said.

Watch WCVB5’s package on the frightening series of events in Cambridge below.

Written by Paul Meara

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons)


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