Watch: Arizona Couple Wakes Up to Terrifying Sight of a Stranger Holding Their 2-Year-Old

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Watch: Arizona Couple Wakes Up to Terrifying Sight of a Stranger Holding Their 2-Year-Old

Oren Cohen has attempted to defend his actions that night with this reason.

Published December 19, 2016

An Arizona man woke up on Thursday to the most terrifying sight for any parent: a stranger holding his 2-year-old daughter, reported New York Daily News. 

When the unnamed father heard sounds of his child whimpering, he found 34-year-old Oren Cohen holding her in the living room. 

“I’m your friend,” Cohen, an Israeli citizen in the U.S. legally, said to the father as he entered the living room, according to a police report. Cohen then tossed the child onto the couch and took off for the basement. The father chased Cohen downstairs and apprehended him while the mother dialed 911. 

  1. The day after his arrest, Cohen appeared in court, where he presented his defense of being inebriated. Cohen said he was drinking at a friend's place and accidentally went into the wrong apartment after going outside to smoke a cigarette.

    "I didn't do anything. That's why I want to say something," Cohen told Court Commissioner Jane McLaughlin, who cautioned him that anything he said could be used against him.

    Cohen allegedly told police his heavy drinking caused him to "blackout" and that he barely remembered breaking into the house and holding the child.

    Cohen was charged with suspicion of kidnapping, burglary and aggravated assault. He said he had mistaken the child for a "midget" and that he didn't abuse her. However, the father told authorities that his daughter said "the 'bad man' gave her 'an ouchie' and pointed to her buttocks.”

  2. After listening to Cohen's remarks, McLaughlin believed he posed a "grave risk" to the community and ordered him jailed in lieu of $250,000 bond.

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Written by Rachel Herron

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