Look: Republicans Hit With Intense Backlash After Statement Appears To Compare Trump to Jesus

Look: Republicans Hit With Intense Backlash After Statement Appears To Compare Trump to Jesus

Some are demanding an apology.

Published December 25, 2016

Earlier today (Dec. 25) Republican National Committee chairman, Reince Priebusreleased a holiday greeting that appears to have sparked the controversy. 

Priebus, who is also incoming White House chief of staff, wrote a statement that is being interpreted as comparing President-Elect Donald Trump to Jesus, resulting in quite the backlash throughout the course of the Christmas holiday today.

"Over two millennia ago, a new hope was born into the world, a Savior who would offer the promise of salvation to all mankind," part of the statement reads. "Just as the three wise men did on that night, this Christmas heralds a time to celebrate the good news of a new King."

The combination of certain phrases such as, "this Christmas" and "a new King" has many interpreting the words to mean that the GOP views Trump as comparable to Jesus.

"So the RNC things Trump is our New King?" one Twitter user wrote, reacting to the statement. "Coming again as Jesus did? This is getting really spooking. What kind of Kool-Aid is that?"

While others, including other Republicans, took to Twitter to share their reactions, many demanded that Priebus issue an apology for making such an unacceptable statement, while others took his message to simply be making a seasonally-fitting reference to Jesus.

As reported by Buzzfeed, RNC spokesman Sean Spicer shared that he was offended when asked to clarify if such a comparison was intentional.

"I hope you are kidding," Spicer commented via email. "Christ is the King in the Christian faith. To ask this on Christmas is frankly offensive."

Take a look at some tweets reacting to Reince Priebus' statement below, as well as view his commentary in full here.

Written by KC Orcutt

(Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images)


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