Watch: Newly Released Video Shows a Fort Worth Man Shot in the Back by Police as He's Walking Away

Watch: Newly Released Video Shows a Fort Worth Man Shot in the Back by Police as He's Walking Away

The officer claims he threatened him with a boxcutter, which David Collie, now paralyzed, disputes.

Published December 28, 2016

Video showing a Fort Worth, Texas, man shot by a police officer after walking away from him has been released.

Nate Washington, the attorney of David Collie, who was shot by the officer, released the video after being inspired by the investigation into the violent arrests of Jacqueline Craig and her two daughters of the same city.

NBCDFW reports that police and the man’s lawyer don’t agree around the details of the incident, which happened in July. A Fort Worth police officer and an off-duty Tarrant County, Texas, sheriff’s deputy allegedly responded to a reported robbery at a gas station on July 27. A release states the officers then drove to an apartment complex near the gas station and encountered two shirtless Black men.

The officers believe that Collie matched the description of one of the alleged armed robbers. From there, it’s uncertain whether Collie did or did not attempt to comply with police orders. Officials say he brandished a box cutter, didn’t respond to police commands and began to walk away.

Collie’s lawyer says he tried to comply with officers and, even though a box cutter was found on the scene, Washington says his client did not hold or threaten officers with it. The officer who fired at Collie was placed on restricted duty after video of the encounter went viral.

David Collie spent 61 days in the hospital and was left paralyzed from the abdomen down. The aggravated assault on a public servant charge lobbied against him was later dismissed by a grand jury.

Social media was hot about the case. They claim that Collie shouldn’t have been shot because he didn’t have a gun and was walking away from law enforcement. “Cops are out of control!” a Twitter user wrote. “This is one of my concerns about relocating anywhere south or southwest.”

Check out video of what happened and the reaction to the shooting on Twitter below.

Written by Paul Meara

(Photo: Vstock LLC,/Getty Images)


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