Omarosa Manigault Is Allegedly Working With President Trump to Draft an Executive Order on HBCUs

Omarosa Manigault Is Allegedly Working With President Trump to Draft an Executive Order on HBCUs

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Published February 3, 2017

After President Trump held a listening session to commence the White House’s celebration of Black History Month, sources reported that his administration is working on an executive order regarding historically Black colleges and universities.

During the session, Trump made some less-than-informed remarks on Frederick Douglass, leading many to assume the president knows very little about Black history. However, later on in the session, Omarosa Manigault brought up an executive order that will center around HBCUs, reported Buzzfeed News.

The topic of HBCUs was brought up when Paris Dennard, a political commentator who works on strategic communications for the Thurgood Marshall College Fund, told Donald Trump that he has the potential to be the greatest.

Dennard told BuzzFeed News he told the president that his support of HBCUs is crucial and that the previous administration did little to help.  

Trump asked what “the Harvard” of HBCUs was and when he was told Howard University, he asked how Howard was doing fiscally, with enrollment and how it had done under President Obama, reported Buzzfeed.

“He was shocked and upset to learn what happened under the previous administration,” Dennard told Buzzfeed News.

Attendees told Trump that although Howard was receiving federal funds, many other HBCUs were struggling.

After Trump asked what he could do, Manigault then said she was working on getting an executive order on HBCUs to President Trump, according to Buzzfeed.

Details of the order have not been discussed and sources tell Buzzfeed that it’s in the works.

Dennard and Manigault declined to comment on whether there was an executive order in the works.

“I can however reinforce the president’s commitment to support historically Black colleges and universities, as well as school choice, as he stated throughout the campaign,” Manigault said.

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: AP Photo/Evan Vucci)


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