"Why Can't Muslims Tell Other Muslims To Stop Killing?" This Woman's Response To The Ridiculous Question Has Us Screaming

"Why Can't Muslims Tell Other Muslims To Stop Killing?" This Woman's Response To The Ridiculous Question Has Us Screaming


Published February 4, 2017

Donald Trump’s “Muslim Ban” has created reaction from both supporters and detractors. Social media back-and-forths have been a go-to for everyone trying to duke it out over the multilayered issue.

One in particular caught our eye. Farha, a 19-year-old from Canada, runs the Tumblr account thebootydiaries. On that page, she received a message from an anonymous user on the social platform asking her, “Why can’t muslims tell other muslims to stop killing people?”

Farha’s response became one of both questioning the effectiveness of that tactic and also the fairness of it. She laid out a scenario which describes someone having to answer for the actions of some who claim to share the same faith. It's something those of other faiths, especially in North America, don’t currently have to do.

  1. Then, someone criticized Farha's response. Untaimed, she fired back perfectly.

  2. After her back-and-forth with the other Tumblr users, she put screenshots of everything out on Twitter with the caption, “still the best thing i've ever written in my entire life probably.”

    In speaking with Buzzfeed, Farha said that she spent 15-20 minutes carefully writing each response. She also says she likes to fight hateful speech with humor.

    “The reason I shared them again now is because of everything that’s happened recently, with the Trump rhetoric and Quebec mosque shooting, it’s getting more and more socially acceptable to hate Muslims,” she told the website. “From the day I started to wear my hijab I’ve had thick skin. Even this morning at the train station when I saw a man just standing by the door doing the nazi salute I was unphased, and when a man in the train started telling me to ‘stop blowing things up and go back to your country’ I just got off the train and took the next one. I’ve gotten that same ‘tell terrorists to stop’ message over and over again.”

    Twitter reacted to Farha’s message, most in agreeance, and some not exactly on board.

    “This is everything,” someone tweeted. “Beautiful. Also incredible to imagine Skype being able to handle more than 1.6 people let alone 1.6 billion,” another person wrote.

    Check out some of the positive and negative reaction to Farha’s Tumblr back-and-forth below.

Written by Paul Meara

(Photo: Farha)


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