Ayyye! This Kid Made THE "Cash Me Ousside" Remix To End All Others

Ayyye! This Kid Made THE "Cash Me Ousside" Remix To End All Others

Roy Purdy is litty, how bow dat?

Published February 11, 2017

Ever since Danielle Bregoli made her infamous appearance on Dr. Phil and her viral phrase pronounced, “Cash Me Ousside,” the Internets have memed it every which way possible.

Numerous attempts at using the phrase as a sample to a song have been made. At first, most were EDM usages, which were more hilarious than actually good. When the hip-hop world got their hands on it, everything changed.

Bregoli recently made a solo cameo appearance in Kodak Black’s new video for “Everything 1K,” and now, another person has taken a crack at putting her voice in their rap video.

Viral video creator Roy Purdy made a short video sampling “Cash Me Ousside” and put his own twist on it. The beat is actually pretty banging and his raps are legit.

We spoke with Purdy about his viral video. He says he got inspiration from other videos but wanted to make something a bit different. "I saw that everybody was making dance videos to the beat, which looked like fun because I make lot's of dance videos, but I wanted to do something different," he says. "Then I realized I hadn't seen anybody do a rap remix to it, so being that I am a musician and rapper – making a rap remix sounded like it would be lots of fun."

In terms of reaction, Roy Purdy wasn't sure what his video would do in terms of numbers, but was hoping that it would be seen worldwide.

"I wasn't sure what type of response it would get. Since I have a large following on Facebook, I knew the video would get a decent amount of views, but I didn't know if it would go viral or not," he explained. "As soon as I posted the video, I got tons of positive feed back from my friends and fans. The video quickly got lots of shares and within two days got over 1 million views. A few other big Facebook pages reposted the video and one of the reposts is currently at 4 million views."

Social media also reacted, mostly with a pretty positive response. “The fact that he would actually do this in public just shows how much of an amazing person he is,” someone tweeted. “This was sent from heaven,” another wrote.

Check out the preeminent “Cash Me Ousside” rap remix video below.

Written by Paul Meara

(Photo: Roy Purdy via YouTube)


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