'Twirl on My Haters,' Here Are All the Corny Conservatives Who Tried and Failed to Come for Beyonce's Black Excellence

(Photo from left: Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic, Tomi Lahren via Instagram)

'Twirl on My Haters,' Here Are All the Corny Conservatives Who Tried and Failed to Come for Beyonce's Black Excellence

Tomi Lahren isn't the only one.

Published February 14, 2017

We've all seen the attempts made by Tomi host Tomi Lahren to come for Beyonce and the hive, but she is not the only one who has made public statements about the global icon.

In fact, compared to these other conservative voices, Lahren's comments are child's play. Here are some other famous faces who have taken a stab at the Queen. 

  1. Donald Trump
    HEMPSTEAD, NY - SEPTEMBER 26:  Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump stands at his podium during the Presidential Debate at Hofstra University on September 26, 2016 in Hempstead, New York.  The first of four debates for the 2016 Election, three Presidential and one Vice Presidential, is moderated by NBC's Lester Holt.  (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)
    (Photo: Win McNamee/Getty Images)

    The current president was not impressed by Beyoncé's during the Super Bowl Halftime Show in 2013. 

    "At the Super Bowl, when Beyoncé was thrusting her hips forward in a very suggestive manner, if someone else had done that, it would've been a national scandal. I thought it was ridiculous." He added, "I just thought it was not appropriate … The way the so-and-so was thrust forward continuously, give me a break."

  2. Bill O'Reilly

    O'Reilly Factor host Bill O'Reilly once famously got into a heated conversation with Russell Simmons where he blamed Beyonce for unwed women getting pregnant. 

  3. Sean Hannity
    NEW YORK, NY - MAY 11:  Sean Hannity appears on FOX News Channel's "Hannity" at FOX Studios on May 11, 2015 in New York City.  (Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images)
    (Photo: Rob Kim/Getty Images)

    “Remember the great role model, Beyoncé? As described as a role model, friend of Barack and Michelle Obama?” Hannity said on his radio show. “The role model is now smashing to smithereens. In her new video from the visual album ‘Lemonade’ shows the queen of pop smashing dozens of cars and other objects to smithereens with a baseball bat.”


    “Isn’t that a great,” he continued. “Oh, the Beyoncé that just did the anti-cop video — that one? Do you really want your daughters dressing like Beyoncé? I don’t think so.”


  4. Betsy McCaughy

    During the 2016 presidential race, McCaughy tried to use the lyrics to 'Formation' to criticize Hillary Clinton. 

  5. Rudy GIULIANI

    After Beyonce's emotional performance at the MTV Video Music Awards, Giuliani claimed that he's "saved more Black lives" than Beyonce has. 

    WASHINGTON - JUNE 23:  Radio personality Rush Limbaugh interacts with the audience before the start of a panel discussion "'24' and America's Image in Fighting Terrorism: Fact, Fiction, or Does It Matter?", June 23, 2006 in Washington, DC. Radio personality Rush Limbaugh moderated a discussion sponsored by the Heritage Foundation titled and included members of the cast from the television show "24".  (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)
    (Photo: Win McNamee/Getty Images)

    Limbaugh also hopped on the slam Beyonce's halftime show bandwagon. 

    "This has everybody up in arms. She gets a police escort to the game. They sweep everybody off the highways so she can get [to] the Super Bowl on time. She didn't have to go hours early and wait. They parted the traffic for her so she can get there with not much downtime before she had to perform and does that routine ripping the cops, promoting Black Lives Matter."


    No one was shocked when the conservative sheriff admitted that he was not a fan of Beyonce's music or her "anti-police" halftime show. 

    (FILES): This June 26, 2007 file photo shows Lou Dobbs, anchor and managing editor of CNN's Lou Dobbs Tonight program, at the National Press Club in Washington, DC, where he spoke about the passage of the bitterly divisive and sweeping immigration reform bill designed to offer 12 million illegal immigrants a path to citizenship.  Dobbs informed his viewers November 11, 2009 that he would be leaving CNN effective immediately.      AFP PHOTO / Files / Karen BLEIER (Photo credit should read KAREN BLEIER/AFP/Getty Images)
    (Photo: KAREN BLEIER/AFP/Getty Images)

    "Beyoncé's nostalgic glorification of Malcolm X and Black Panther militant thuggery was too much for former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who had the guts to slam Beyoncé for attacking law enforcement. My guess is it was too much for most viewers, and utterly out of place in most homes. Of course, corporate America's advertisers paid for the entire spectacle. We don't know what the advertisers intended, but surely, surely not that. We do know what the NFL and CBS intended. Because politics has never before had a role in the Super Bowl. That it did yesterday is fully the responsibility of the NFL and CBS. And it is certainly a mistake I hope they never make again," Lou said on Lou Dobbs Tonight.

  9. Breitbart News

    With headlines such as "Beyoncé Has Spent Years Stoking Anti-Police Sentiment," "Anti-Cop Beyoncé Silent as Police Slaughtered" and "Beyoncé's 'Formation' a Big Wet Kiss to Black Lives Matter," there's no surprise the news organization once run by Steve Bannon is no fan of Queen B. 

  10. Alex Jones

    Of all the people who have come for Beyonce, Alex Jones may rein supreme. He has not only criticized her for incited "urban terrorism," but he has also made official videos where he has accused Beyonce of being in the Illuminati. 

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo from left: Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic, Tomi Lahren via Instagram)


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