Everyone's Debating If Trump Just Un-Followed Kellyanne Conway on Twitter and It's Getting Heated

Everyone's Debating If Trump Just Un-Followed Kellyanne Conway on Twitter and It's Getting Heated

Could the president's counselor and spin master be looking for a new job soon?

Published February 14, 2017


There was a lot of confusion as to whether or not Donald Trump unfollowed his senior advisor Kellyanne Conway. Reports said that he had, however it's been learned that he never actually followed her until Tuesday night (February 15).

No one's been able to show any evidence that the official @RealDonaldTrump and @POTUS accounts had followed and then unfollowed Conway. Still, it is strange that one of Trump's top consultants wasn't on his follow list until recently, especially since he follows Fox News host Sean Hannity. Someone did point out that he wasn't following Conway back in November.

Donald Trump has fluxuated the amount of people he's followed since becoming a serious nominee for president. As pointed out by Vanity Fair, Trump followed as many as 44 accounts in 2015. They also explain how to get followed by the Comander In Chief, and apparently, Kellyanne wasn't following the guideines.


Kellyanne Conway was once thought of as a spin master. Her ability to pivot from controversy to somehow blaming her boss’ actions on Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton was (and still sort of is) a work of cringeworthy art.

Things have changed over the past few weeks for Conway though. It appears President Trump’s councilor was just un-followed on Twitter by The Donald, not just from his @RealDonaldTrump account, but also all White House accounts as well.

Firing Conway would be both understandable and tumultuous at the same time. Her endorsement of Ivanka Trump’s products on national television (in the wake of Nordstrom discontinuing the carrying of her commodities line) was embarrassing and a clear conflict of interest between the powers of the president and related personal business endeavors.

She’s also been catching heat for how she’s fielded questions about Trump’s latest controversies, particularly today’s (February 14) press back-and-forths about national security adviser Michael Flynn’s resignation after it emerged that the Justice Department informed the White House it believed he could be subject to blackmail. A subsequent firing of Conway could further prove that Trump’s appointments were both of bad judgment and reveal turmoil within the administration.

It’s also worth noting that Kellyanne Conway herself removed a picture of herself and Donald Trump from her official Twitter account.

Of course the internet is going crazy with the possibility of her firing. “OMG! It appears that Trump, Spicer & Priebus are personally engaging in TORTURE! They've UNFOLLOWED #KellyanneCONway. How TERRIBLE! #Resist,” someone tweeted. “It appears Donald Trump just gave Kellyanne Conway the kiss of death in the only manner that matters to him — he unfollowed her on Twitter,” another person wrote.

Check out reaction to Donald Trump unfollowing Kellyanne Conway below.

Written by Paul Meara

(Photo: Jessica Rinaldi/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)


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