Andrew Puzder Withdrew His Nomination for Secretary of Labor and Everyone Is Saying, 'Bye Felicia'

BEDMINSTER TOWNSHIP, NJ - NOVEMBER 19: (L to R) Andrew Puzder, chief executive of CKE Restaurants, exits after his meeting with president-elect Donald Trump at Trump International Golf Club, November 19, 2016 in Bedminster Township, New Jersey. Trump and his transition team are in the process of filling cabinet and other high level positions for the new administration. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

Andrew Puzder Withdrew His Nomination for Secretary of Labor and Everyone Is Saying, 'Bye Felicia'

The executive's ex-wife discussed his alleged abuse on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Published February 15, 2017

On Wednesday, Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s CEO Andrew Puzder officially withdrew his nomination for Secretary of Labor. Puzder’s move to withdraw came after several Republican senators expressed concern for his ability to be confirmed. 

“After careful consideration and discussion with my family, I am withdrawing my nomination for Secretary of Labor,” Puzder said in a statement. “I am honored to have been considered by President Donald Trump to lead the Department of Labor and put America’s workers and businesses back on a path to sustainable prosperity.” 

Puzder never received support from Democrats, who suggested that a CEO who opposes raising the minimum wage for his employees would not be a fit candidate for labor secretary.

“The simple truth is that given his relationship to employees at the companies he runs, he was not fit to lead a department responsible for defending workers’ rights,” Senator Bernie Sanders told the New York Times.

Additionally, past claims of abuse by his ex-wife, Lisa Fierstein, compounded the laundry list of reasons why senators from both sides of the aisle found him unfit. Most recently, six Republican senators expressed doubts that they would vote to confirm him. 

  1. In 1990, Puzder's ex-wife appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show where she alleged that she'd been abused

    “Once I made that public, he vowed revenge,” Fierstein told Oprah. “I will see you in the gutter. This will never be over. You will pay for this.”

  2. Although Puzder's hearing was scheduled for Thursday, he tweeted out his withdrawal just a day before
  3. Reactions to Puzder's announcement have been pretty unanimous

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty Images)


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