'Cash Me Ousside' Teen Meme Says Kylie Jenner "Would Do Anything" For Attention Causing Heads To Explode From Irony

'Cash Me Ousside' Teen Meme Says Kylie Jenner "Would Do Anything" For Attention Causing Heads To Explode From Irony

Danielle Bergoli also took it to IG Live and twerked for her stunned followers.

Published February 18, 2017

Infamous “Cash Me Ousside” girl Danielle Bregoli has been saying some astonishing things recently. It’s almost making Donald Trump look normal (almost).

After re-appearing on the Dr. Phil Show and telling the famed television psychologist that his show would be nothing without her, Bregoli was a guest on L.A.’s Power 106’s The Cruz Show and added to the irony that was already melting us.

When asked about Kylie Jenner, Bregoli said she doesn’t like her and even went as far as to say she’s all about simply looking for attention.

“I just don’t like her. The way that she does s**t,” Bregoli said. “Like, she seems like she wants attention so bad. Lil b***h would do anything.” When confronted with a follow-up question alluding to the pot calling the tea kettle black, Bregoli replied with a confrontational “tell her what’s up” and then continued to criticize her. “How do you go from f**king lips the size of a twig and a body that looks like a f**king paperclip and now you look like an hourglass? Like man, what the f**k.”

Of course Twitter and Instagram went savage on Bregoli. Obviously, their biggest point of contention was the hypocrisy surrounding her statements.

“Lmaoooooooooooooo she's describing her so bad when she says that kylie just wants attention,” someone tweeted. “Wtf is she wearing while she tryna talk s**t about Kylie Jenner lmao,” another person wrote.

If what Danielle Bregoli said wasn’t ironic enough, she later posted a video of herself twerking on Instagram Live. Let’s be frank though, we all were 13 at one point, and we all had our teenage missteps. We’re starting to wonder though, will this girl ever be controllable. Her mom was on Dr. Phil twice but all this newfound publicity via the Kodak Black video and media appearances is probably filling up her head.

Check out the full Power 106 interview below as well as reaction to it.

Written by Paul Meara

(Photo: Kodak Black/World Star Hip Hop via Youtube)


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