Protests Erupt After Off-Duty LA Police Officer Shoots His Gun at Several Unarmed Kids

(Photo: Gabriel San Roman via Twitter)

Protests Erupt After Off-Duty LA Police Officer Shoots His Gun at Several Unarmed Kids

Several demonstrators have been arrested yet no action has been taken against the officer.

Published February 23, 2017

On Wednesday evening, nearly 300 protesters took to the streets of Anaheim, California, after an off-duty Los Angeles police officer pulled a gun on a group of young people, reported the Los Angeles Times.

During the altercation with the teenagers, the off-duty officer held onto a young man who claimed to be 13 years old. When the situation escalated and involved other people, the officer drew his weapon and shot at the group.

Although no one was injured as a result, many believe the actions taken by the officer were inappropriate and discriminatory. 

  1. Video from the incident was captured by a witness and posted to facebook

    Warning: The video contains explicit language.

    The video, which was recorded on Tuesday, depicts a confrontation between an unidentified officer and a group of minors. According to Anaheim police, the officer had “ongoing issues” with the teens walking across his property. 

    In the heat of the argument, the officer claimed that the 13-year-old allegedly threatened to shoot him, which led to him detaining the teenager.

    As other young people stand and watch, the unnamed 13-year-old attempted to get the officer to let go of him. Eventually, another young person steps in, which prompted the officer to take out a weapon and shoot.

    Two teenagers involved in the incident were arrested, Anaheim police said. The 13-year-old was arrested on suspicion of battery and making criminal threats and a 15-year-old was arrested on suspicion of assault and battery.

    The identities of the two minors have not been released. 

  2. When the video was posted online, groups of protesters stood outside the officer's home
  3. Eventually, demonstrators were made to leave the property and march in the streets
  4. Several protesters have been arrested

    Around 10 p.m. on Wednesday, 24 people were arrested by police who tried to get them to evacuate the scene. 

    Sgt. Daron Wyatt, an Anaheim police spokesman, said the off-duty officer involved in the video has not been arrested.

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Gabriel San Roman via Twitter)


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