People Outraged After Video Of Maryland Mother Abusing Her Young Children Goes Viral

People Outraged After Video Of Maryland Mother Abusing Her Young Children Goes Viral

The unnamed woman threatens to “beat these kids to death."

Published March 18th

In today’s “WTF?” news, a Maryland woman livestreamed herself abusing children she was watching over.

A now-viral 23-second video shows the currently unnamed woman brutally beating two crying children. A terrified girl is seen trying to hide underneath what may be the lower portion of a bunk bed as the woman is beating her and pulling her hair.

Afterward, she turns her attention to a young boy whom she picks up by his neck and then strikes him violently.

After hitting the children she grabs her phone, which is recording all the mayhem, and yells a bunch of words loudly making them inaudible. What we can decipher is that she says “beat these kids to death” at the end.

The Baltimore County Police have launched an investigation after seeing the video on Thursday (March 16). Apparently, the home at which the abuse was taking place was in the Essex of Middle River areas. No charges have yet been filed but the woman in the video has been questioned by law enforcement. The children have been transferred to the care of the Department of Social Services.

Since the video went viral, the Baltimore Child Abuse Center has received nearly 200 emails about it. The center told the New York Post about the response and are trying to assure they’re doing the best they can to keep the children safe.

“We’ve gotten a lot of responses from both media and concerned citizens,” said Drew Fidler, the agency’s program and police director. “People are concerned that this happens, that it goes viral, that so many people are watching. Unfortunately, we’re living in a time when we see so much violence on social media that it’s really overwhelming. And people don’t want to be passive bystanders, they want to help and they want to make a difference.”

Watch the full short video of the nasty abuse below.

Written by Paul Meara

(Photo: RinoCdZ/Getty Images)


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