This Woman's Clapback At A Man Calling Her "Small Enough" Made Her Go Viral

This Woman's Clapback At A Man Calling Her "Small Enough" Made Her Go Viral

She turned some men's sexist desires into women's reasonable demands.

Published April 1, 2017

Perspective is key, especially when giving takes on relationships.

  1. On Wednesday, Bekkah, a 20-year-old Twitter user was running down her feed when she saw a viral tweet of a woman jumping into the arms of a man.

    The person who tweeted it captioned the gif with, “when she's small enough for you to do this to her >>>>>.” Originally, many didn’t think much of the offensive nature of the tweet, saying that only girls of a small dimension are catchable and thus can participate.

    Bekkah’s clapback was perfect. She replied, “She really doesn't need to be small, he just needs to be strong enough.” This tweet did much better than the original one. Bekkah told Buzzfeed that she herself is pretty tall and that the perspective of this needs to change, "I know a girl doesn't need to be small to be lifted by a man," she said. "I'm 5 foot 9!"

    Other Twitter users decided to join and give their support. "Tell them to tweet less and go to the gym more," someone wrote. "Bicep curls and deadlift should do the trick," another user tweeted.

    Check out the best reaction from the viral back-and-forth (as well as what the original tweets were) below.

Written by Paul Meara

(Photo: GirlThatsSlim)


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