Some White People Are Enraged Black and Brown Women Are Using #EqualPayDay to Highlight Our Wage Gap

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Some White People Are Enraged Black and Brown Women Are Using #EqualPayDay to Highlight Our Wage Gap

The feminist trend has also come under fire for only recognizing white women.

Published April 4, 2017

This Tuesday marks the equal pay day for America. Although it sounds like something to celebrate, the equal pay day actually marks the day where a woman — specifically a white woman — would make the same as the median annual amount that a white man earns.

Basically, white women would have to work an additional four months into the year just to have earned what their male counterparts earned the year before. 

This day, started by the National Committee on Pay Equality, has been around since the 1990s. As the economic structure and averages of our country shift, so does the equal pay day.

This year, the day of awareness was turned into the hashtag #equalpayday in order to bring even more discussion to the topic.

However, there is one huge problem with the general equal pay day: it does not encapsulate the even larger inequalities placed on Black and Latin women. 

  1. Several women of color took a moment to use the hashtag to share Black and Latina women are paid even less than white women
  2. However, many of their calls to improve this statistic were met with racism and sexism
  3. Basically, racists verbally criticized Black and Brown women for attempting to use a hashtag about inequality to point out more inequality
  4. Which makes us all want to put in two weeks' notice, pack our bags and move here

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Thomas Barwick/Getty Images)


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