Tomi Lahren Slammed As A Hypocrite After Suing The Blaze For Wrongful Termination

(Photo: Tomi via TheBlaze TV)

Tomi Lahren Slammed As A Hypocrite After Suing The Blaze For Wrongful Termination

Many are playing Lahren a tiny violin after her criticism of Colin Kaepernick's free speech.

Published April 8, 2017

Tomi Lahren is seeking vengeance for her recent termination from the conservative network The Blaze.

The 24-year-old was a host of her own show on the network and was reportedly let go because of her views on abortion, admitting she was pro choice while a guest on The View.

Lahren is now suing her former network’s founder Glenn Beck. She filed a lawsuit Friday (April 7) in a Dallas court, which reveals that she was told to stay quiet in an effort for the network to “sanitize” her comments and firing. Apparently, Lahren was not allowed to talk about being suspended and was locked out of her Facebook page, which has millions of followers.

Previously, it had been rumored that Lahren was suspended and then let go, however the lawsuit is the first official claim that Tomi doesn’t work for The Blaze any longer. This was subsequently refuted by a spokeswoman for the network who told Buzzfeed News that the lawsuit is “puzzling” because Beck’s publication actually still considers Lahren under contract.

"It is puzzling that an employee who remains under contract (and is still being paid) has sued us for being fired, especially when we continue to comply fully with the terms of our agreement with her," the spokeswoman stated.

Well, after the lawsuit news, social media decided to clown all of the new developments. Many pointed out that Lahren’s suing for wrongful termination because of her free speech runs contrary to her own criticism of ex-49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick and his decision to peacefully stand up for what he believes in.

“Oh the irony Tomi Lahren who criticized Kaepernicks free speech is now suing The Blaze for wrongful termination for comin out as pro choice,” someone tweeted. “Irony is a bitch ain't it Tomi,” another wrote.

Check out all of the hilarious backlash below.

Written by Paul Meara

(Photo: Tomi via TheBlaze TV)


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