People Don't Believe the Chicago Aviation Officer's Claim Dr. Dao Was Combative and Injured Himself During the Scuffle

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People Don't Believe the Chicago Aviation Officer's Claim Dr. Dao Was Combative and Injured Himself During the Scuffle

James Long says he was just following United policy.

Published April 25, 2017

The Chicago aviation police officer who was filmed dragging a passenger off an overbooked United Airlines flight has given his side of the story in an investigation report released Monday, reported the Chicago Tribune.

Based on the report, Officer James Long also alleged that Dr. Dao acted unruly and aggressive when he was asked to leave the flight.

On April 9, a United flight from Chicago to Louisville was overbooked and four passengers were asked to give up their seats to accommodate traveling crew members. When not enough people volunteered, aviation police were called to remove passengers. 

  1. Video footage from the incident captured a bloodied Dr. Dao dragged down the aisle and forcibly removed from the plane.

    Officer Mauricio Rodriguez Jr. — another aviation cop present — said in his report they tried to verbally persuade Dao to de-board, but he responded: "I'm not leaving this flight that I paid money for. I don't care if I get arrested."

    When Officer James Long first attempted to remove the doctor from his seat, Dao "started swinging his arms up and down fast and violently."

    According to Long, Dao’s movements knocked one of Long's hands off, causing Dao to slip and hit his mouth on the armrest, the report said.

    After Dao was removed from the plane, he "claimed to be a diabetic." Dao was then filmed running back on the plane where he repeatedly said: "I'm not getting off the plane. Just kill me. I want to go home," according to the report.

    Rodriguez, Long, Officer Stephen Smith, and Sgt. John Moore, were all placed on leave following the incident. Although they used force to remove the passenger, they were following orders from United Airlines. 

  2. Although the officers offered their side of the story, many people think they are lying

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images)


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