'Cash Me Ousside' Teen Pleads Guilty to Multiple Charges of Theft, Filing a False Report and Marijuana Possession

Danielle 'Cash me ousside' Bregoli Appears At A Florida Court To Face Felony Charges. The 14-year-old viral star attended a hearing at South County Courthouse in Delray Beach on Wednesday, April 26, over charges issued before her meteoric rise to fame. She is charged with several felonies including grand theft, fraud and filing a false report. Bernoulli, who is now based in LA, is set to have her own reality TV show after her headline grabbing appearance on ABC's Dr. Phil last fall which rocketed her to fame with her infamous catchphrase "Cash moused, how bout dah."At Wednesday's hearing, Bregoli's attorney, Scott Richardson, announced his client would plead not guilty to her charges. Circuit Judge Lou Delgado set a trial date for the afternoon of June 28.
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'Cash Me Ousside' Teen Pleads Guilty to Multiple Charges of Theft, Filing a False Report and Marijuana Possession

And why the 14-year-old's father asked the judge to restrict her internet access.

Published April 27, 2017

Update June 28:

Viral star Danielle Bregoli Peskowitz pleaded guilty on Wednesday to charges of grand theft, grand theft auto, marijuana possession and filing a false report, reported WPBF.

The “Cash Me Ousside” teen’s guilty plea comes as a change from an April hearing wherein she and her attorney pleaded not guilty to all charges.

At the hearing in a Delray Beach juvenile court, Danielle was accompanied by her mother, Barbara Bregoli, and two large bodyguards.  

Also in court was Danielle’s father, Ira Peskowitz, who asked the judge to limit his daughter’s access to the internet.  

"My daughter is being exploited," Peskowitz tearfully said to reporters after the hearing.

Although the judge denied Peskowitz's request, his attorney said he will return to court in a few weeks to dispute custody arrangements. Peskowitz, who works for the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office, claims his parental rights are being "stripped away."

The judge ordered Danielle return to court in connection to her guilty plea for a hearing on July 20.

  1. Previous April 27:

    The Cash Me Ousside teen took a break from living the life of the rich and famous in order to return to her Florida home for a court appearance. On Wednesday Danielle Bregoli — accompanied by her mother and bodyguard — appeared in a Palm Beach County juvenile court.  

    Bregoli faces several theft charges as well as a charge of filing a false police report. During the short hearing, Bregoli pleaded not guilty to all charges, reported The Palm Beach Post.

  2.  Circuit judge Lou Delgado set a trial date for the afternoon of June 28.

    Fans and photographers bombarded Bregoli as she walked down the courthouse hallway. As she walked past cameras, she smiled and posed for photographers and reporters.  

    As the Bregoli clan packed into the elevator, one reporter noticed the 14-year-old’s demeanor and asked: “Do you think this was funny?”

    Bregoli hurled an insult while her attorney, Scott Richardson, attempted to comment on Bregoli’s behavior.

     “What we’re hoping is that Dani will continue to get as well as she has been doing, and by the time we get back to court, there will be a better picture for her than some have tried to portray,” Richardson said regarding the therapy Bregoli has received while in LA. 

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Michele Eve/Splash News)


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