Man's White Neighbor Calls Police on Him 20 Times Making Fake Noise Complaints

(Photo: KHOU/TV)

Man's White Neighbor Calls Police on Him 20 Times Making Fake Noise Complaints

Now cops are investigating the person harassing Jevon Cofield and his family.

Published May 2, 2017

A Houston resident has reached his limits when it comes to his neighbors. Ever since Jevon Cofield moved into his Summerwood neighborhood, his neighbor has resorted to calling the police when Cofield has lively family gatherings.  

"They've been out here 17 times," Cofield told KHOU 11.

However based on police records obtained by KHOU 11, Cofield’s neighbor has made 20 different noise complaints.

Although they’ve received almost two dozen calls, the Harris County Precinct 3 Constable's Office says Cofield and his family have done nothing wrong. 

"It's so bad now the family is used to it," said Cofield. "They say, 'Hey, how you doing,' and then it's back to playing cards."

Although his name has been cleared of all wrongdoing, Cofield is getting fed up with the actions of his neighbor. At this point, Cofield believes his neighbor is trying to send a message.

"They don't want me here, clearly if they've been called out 17 times," said Cofield.

Reporters from KHOU 11 tracked down the neighbor, whose identity remained anonymous. The man at the home where the calls came from declined to comment.

The Constable's Office is now taking matters into their own hands and has started an investigation into why the neighbor continuously harasses Cofield with phony 911 calls.

"It needs to stop," Cofield said. "Enough is enough."

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: KHOU-TV)


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